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Early Learning Network (Director: Renee Herzfeld, Community Child Care Council (4C’s) of Alameda County)

Led by Community Child Care Council (4C’s) of Alameda County, coordinates the Hayward Promise Neighborhoods collaboration specifically supporting children 0-8 and their families across a continuum of agencies and programs. Support and services provided to promote the wellbeing of HPN children and families include:

  • A public health nurse who visits families with newborns in their homes;
  • A summer session for children entering kindergarten who did not attend preschool;
  • A parenting program for parents with children up to eight years old;
  • Free preschool slots for Hayward Promise Neighborhood children;
  • A promotora de salud (health promoter or community health worker) program that provides families with young children information and connections to health services;
  • A professional development program for child care providers, and;
  • Individual and group therapy for families with infants and young children.


Neighborhood Health & Empowerment Network (Mark Salinas, CSU East Bay Hayward Promise Neighborhood)

Led by the City of Hayward, coordinates Hayward Promise Neighborhood collaboration aimed at increasing health, well-being, empowerment, and access to technology for the children, families and
community members living in the neighborhood.

Support and services provided to improve health, safety, and 21st century learning include:

  • Individual and group therapy for children and families on school sites and at the Community Counseling Center;
  • A school gardens program;
  • Police, code enforcement, and neighborhood partnership programs;
  • Restorative justice programs;
  • Nutrition and exercise education and resources through the school-based parent centers as part of Full Service Community Schools;
  • A promotora de salud (health promoter) program that provides families information and
    connections to health services;
  • An after-school youth development program for students academically at-risk;
  • CSUEB nursing students who provide informational resources to children and their families;
  • A summer youth baseball program supported by volunteers from the Police Department;
  • A summer youth sports and academic program at Chabot College;
  • Community-wide fairs;
  • An anti-graffiti campaign, and;
  • School technology access programs and computer literacy trainings.


Cradle to Career Education Reform Network (Sabrina Aranda, Hayward Unified School District)

This network supports coordination and learning among partner efforts aimed at improving academic
achievement from early childhood through college, and increasing success in school and life for the
children and youth attending target HPN schools at Hayward Unified School District and living in
the neighborhood.

Supports and services provided to improve cradle to career education for HPN children include:

  • A full service community schools initiative;
  • Parent engagement and support through the Hayward Unified School District parent
  • Quality afterschool and enrichment programming;
  • Experiential learning opportunities;
  • Mentorship and tutoring opportunities for students;
  • 21st Century Learning Support Centers;
  • An annual Education Summit at California State University East Bay;
  • Career and technical education;
  • Dropout prevention supports including credit recovery programs;
  • College and career readiness support;
  • A middle school to college pipeline that engages children in a continuum of activities to
    support enrollment in college;
  • A mentoring program, and;
  • Curriculum alignment, early decision, early assessment programs and intervention collaborations between Chabot College and the HPN target high schools.